Corporations / LLCs

Forming a business, or creating an entity for an existing business, is a complex series of tasks that require expert legal advice.  Our firm is trained to ask the right questions of the business owner(s) to ensure entity is properly created and/or the existing business is properly transferred to that entity.

All too many business owners (including experienced ones) attempt the “Do it yourself” method of establishing entities for their new expanding business operations.  Any reasonably intelligent person can go on the California Secretary of State’s website, print and fill out a form, and mail it in with a check.  Are you now “incorporated”?  Maybe, but the failure to comply with a litany of corporate formalities may render that corporation useless (and in the long run, very expensive).

Perhaps you’ve seen those Internet incorporation services that claim to set up entities for a fraction of what attorneys charge.  Are they right for you?   Usually not.  First, they only generate forms and boilerplate documents.   Second, these services are prohibited from offering any legal advice of any kind (if they do, it’s may constitute the unauthorized practice of law, which in California is criminal misdemeanor).  Finally, your business is not a form!  Shouldn’t you at least ask an attorney a few key questions, even if it’s part of a free consultation?

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