Testimonials – Clients

What do actual clients say about The Small Business Law Firm?

“When we were wrongfully sued by a former customer on a breach of warranty matter, we really didn’t know who to call. Fortunately, we found The Small Business Law Firm on the Internet and have been happy with their services on multiple matters.”

Animal Makers, Inc.

Jim & Coral Boulden, Owners

“Our various business operations involve multiple corporations is two states. They understand what small and mid-sized businesses needs… quality advice to help us make the best informed decisions.”

Alternative Metal Supply, Inc.

Shaun Tramondo, President

“We had an unfortunate case of long term embezzlement by an outside bookkeeper coupled with an accountant who should have known what was going on.  The firm litigated the case to get us a favorable settlement against the owner of the bookkeeping service, the accountant’s insurance carrier, and the bank that cleared the forged checks.”

The Have it All Corporation

Robert Dushaw, President

“It’s true that too many people wait until things get ‘bad’ before contacting an Attorney. I wish that I had contacted Joslyn prior to starting a business partnership that went south with very little protection for myself. However, once Joslyn was on board she took me through the steps, let me ask as many questions as needed for my comfort level and guided me through my options and the process. If it had not been for Joslyn, I would not have been able to recoup any of the losses that I had.   I would definitely recommend Joslyn and her team. Not only did she provide a great service, she helped me get results. ”

Meghan Barr

Barr & Spikes, Inc.

“We’ve used Scott and his firm for matter ranging from union matters to buy-sell agreements.  Always responsive with straightforward advice.”

Vision Mechanical Services

Rick Pullen, President

Joslyn represented me in the dissolution of a partnership and I feel quite lucky to have found her. I was consistently impressed with her attentiveness (she listens closely to your issues and needs), her attention to detail (she remembers and also explains many details other lawyers may miss and covers all her bases) and her ability to be gentle/compassionate with you as a client while simultaneously being assertive and forceful with opposing party when needed. It also helps that she is sharp as a tack, is easy to reach/accessible, and a great communicator. We went through a 13+ hour mediation and Joslyn maintained the most energy of everyone involved– she even caught a second wind at the tail end of the mediation and negotiated an even better deal for me after everyone was ready to give up and go home. She is truly a client’s advocate. If you are entering any sort of dispute or stressful legal situation, there’s no question you want Joslyn by your side.

Peaches’ Smokehouse & Southern Kitchen

Diana Yin, Owner

“After using the Small Business Law Firm for many years with good results, we tried out a larger, more ‘aggressive’ firm to litigate a matter for us.  The other guys talked a good game, billed us plenty but didn’t deliver. I’ve been back with the Small Business Law Firm ever since and won’t switch again.”

Pro Design International

Lee Hunter, President (in Memoriam)

“We own a mid-sized real estate brokerage and property management firm. They have handled high problem tenants for us, including complex unlawful detainers. The firm’s advice has always been practical and solid.”

eHomes of Bakersfield

Robert Zimmerman, Owner