Employment Policy Handbooks

It never ceases to amaze us that, still today, most small businesses either:

  • Don’t have an employment policy handbook (“EPH”), or
  • Have an EPH that contains provisions which, if followed, are blatant violations California Labor Code and IWC (Industrial Welfare Commission) regulations.

Every employer, large and small, needs a detailed EPH to clearly outline their policies and procedures.  Most have one, but the EPH was either obtained: a) online by an HR company that is not California-specific; or b) from a fellow small business owner (and who knows where it came from).

The best EPH your company can have is one written by an attorney who understands your business.  Sure, there will always be a few “boilerplate” provisions in any handbook or agreement, but our firm begins the EPH drafting process with an in-depth questionnaire to learn more about the employers’ actual practices and procedures before a single keystroke is made. Often times, we are able to discover ongoing labor law violations and correct them before current “bad” practices end up being reinforced in an EPH.

Our office custom drafts an EPH for our clients for a low, flat fee.  We make as many changes as needed to ensure we get it right before employees ever see it. If you’re not sure whether your EPH is accurate (or if you don’t have one at all), please contact us for an evaluation of your situation without cost or obligation.

Please note that we only represent employers in disputes with their employees.  If you are an employee with a potential dispute, please contact your local bar association for a referral to an employee rights attorney.

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